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A Review of Options for Localization of Axillary Lymph Nodes in the Treatment of Invasive Breast Cancer

Woods RW, Camp MS, Durr NJ, Harvey SC
Academic Radiology 26:6 2019
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Invasive breast cancer is a common disease, and the most common initial site of metastatic disease are the axillary lymph nodes. As the standard of care shifts towards less invasive surgery in the axilla for patients with invasive breast cancer, techniques have been developed for axillary node localization that allow targeted dissection of specific lymph nodes without requiring full axillary lymph node dissection. Many of these techniques have been adapted from technologies developed for localization of lesions within the breast and include marker clip placement with intraoperative ultrasound, carbon-suspension liquids, localization wires, radioactive seeds, magnetic seeds, radar reflectors, and radiofrequency identification devices.The purpose of this article is to summarize these methods and describe benefits and drawbacks of each method for performing localization of lymph nodes in the axilla.