Description: Design Team is the capstone design course for JHU’s BME undergraduate program. Teams of 5-10 students spend one year defining and implementing an impactful project based on real-world clinical problems. Projects are executed with mentorship and resources from CBID, BME, JHU Medical School, Jhpiego, APL, the FDA, and industry.

Course goal: To learn and execute the design process by: identifying and understanding an unmet clinical need, and developing an innovative technical solution.

Design Team 2015-2016

Fall DT: BME 580.211, 580.311, 580.411 [Syllabus] Fall DT Team Leader: BME 580.413
Spring DT: BME 580.112, 580.212, 580.312, 580.412 [Syllabus] Spring DT Team Leader: BME 580.414

Course Director: Nicholas Durr
Course Instructors: Robert Allen, Elizabeth Logsdon

2015-2016 DT Projects

DT02: CricSpike

Handheld cricothyrotomy assist device. An emergency airway technology for the 21st century

DT03: CompliaStent

CompliaStent has designed a catheter-deployed intra-aortic compliant graft that helps reduce aortic pressure amplification in patients suffering from aortic stiffening.

DT04: Plaqate

Plaqate has designed an atherectomy system that employs a novel differential cutting technique in order to increase the compliance of calcified plaque in coronary arteries while also reducing the procedural risks associated with the current standard of care.

DT05: Flapp

Flapp has developed a mobile app for surgeons to design and get feedback on local tissue flap designs in order to learn the technique and better plan procedures.

DT06: SureShunt

SureShunt aims to reduce the number of obstruction-related shunt failures and therefore reduce the cost of hydrocephalus treatment while increasing patient safety.

DT07: GaitAssist

GaitAssist is an novel orthosis designed to mitigate the symptoms of scissor gait. GaitAssist consists of two connected blocks that act as a physical barrier to separate the legs while walking.

DT08: NeoVate

A low cost, modular neonatal vital signs system designed for low resource settings.

DT09: Kubanda

Kubanda's mission is to make breast cancer treatment accessible to women in rural clinics in South Africa by providing locally available and affordable cryotherapy.

DT10: eXoid

eXoid's pill bottle automatically deactivates leftover prescription opioid pills, reducing the number of pills vulnerable to abuse.

DT11: EchoSpine

EchoSpine provides high-resolution ultrasound images at any depth, helping guide physicians to deep targets on the first attempt.

DT12: ExoRise

Patient transfer re-envisioned. Nurses no longer need to compromise their health and safety in order to transfer patients efficiently thanks to exoRise, a portable and easy to use powered transfer device.

DT13: CardiAcc

CardiAcc has developed a noninvasive monitoring system based on scientific insight into a cardiovascular model that combines patient-specific data and multiple biosignals into accurate measurements of cardiac output.

DT14: NeoSED

Neonatal Sepsis Early Detection System. A wearable pulse sensor with in-situ processing capabilities that produce a sepsis risk score.