Project Description

Automated detection of neutropenia using noninvasive video microscopy of superficial capillaries

Pablo-Trinidad A, Butterworth I, Ledesma-Carbayo MJ, Vettenburg T, Sanchez-Ferro A, Soenksen L, Durr NJ, Arrate MB, Cerrato C, Humala K, Fabra Urdiol M, Del Rio C, Valles B, Chen Y, Hochberg EP, Castro-Gonzalez C, Bourquard A
American Journal of Hematology


We propose the first noninvasive technology that can automatically screen patients for severe neutropenia without requiring blood draws, thus enabling patients to have more frequent access to this test. Our proposed noninvasive device is a compact microscopy system that can acquire high‐resolution, high‐frame‐rate videos of superficial capillaries coupled with an automated software pipeline that can analyze those videos for a measurement of neutropenia.